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    Lifetime Warranty Includes:

    Every glass screen protector purchase comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. You do not need to buy a new Simple Snap™ at retail price with our warranty process. The only costs you may be responsible for include:

    1) Shipping and handling for the replacement product to be shipped to you.

    2) Potential customs/brokerage fees for receiving the replacement product (international customers only).

    Simple Snap Liquid is NOT included in the lifetime warranty program.

    This warranty is for the lifetime of the device after purchase. Purchasers can claim the Lifetime Warranty at

    As long as the purchaser has the device, the screen protector ONLY is covered for replacement if damaged (cracked, chipped, peeling, etc.) This EXCLUDES any damage to the device itself. In other words, if the device screen unlikely shatters with a Simple Snap Screen Protector on it, Simple Snap is NOT responsible for reimbursement of repair for the device.

    However, you can receive a new screen protector once the device is repaired through the Lifetime Warranty. This is also applicable if the model of device doesn’t change, but is NOT applicable if the purchaser changes model of device in this process of repair.

    If the purchaser decides to get a new model of device, the lifetime warranty does not transfer to the new device. The customer must purchase a new screen protector for the new device to re-enter the Lifetime Warranty program.


    +Device Insurance Includes:


    The “+ Device Insurance” means exactly what it reads, added insurance for that device. This coverage for one (1) year after purchase does not go into affect until thirty (30) days after purchase.

    Simple Snap+ Device Insurance covers against accidental damage to your device screen (Screen breakage, or material damage to the screen. Excludes intentional accidents.) You must register your device within fourteen (14) days of purchase for coverage to become effective. Once registered, coverage begins thirty (30) days after purchase date. You can make one claim with each Simple Snap+ Screen Protector purchased. Simple Snap +Device Insurance does NOT cover extensive physical damage to the device and will result in a disqualified claim.

    Once purchased, the customer has fourteen (14) days after the purchase date on receipt to register at After the Simple Snap +Device Insurance is approved and active, the customer is entitled to a reimbursement for repair if damage occurs to the device screen ONLY within the one (1) year term.

    This excludes damage to the sides, back, or internal components of the device. This also excludes water damage or intentional damage to the device screen. If the device screen is damaged during the one (1) year of coverage, the purchaser must have the device repaired at a convenient authorized repair business (online authorized repair services are also allowed). Then, they must upload a receipt for repair on to claim their reimbursement check for the allotted amount.

    The purchaser is ONLY eligible to receive the reimbursement after repair is complete and receipt is uploaded to their claim request on Claim request generally take up to two (2) business days to process and check is mailed as soon as the claim is approved.