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Tempered Glass


This product is currently on backorder. It may take up to 2 weeks to ship.

Quick and Simple Protection

Simple Snap comes with a disposable mold that fits perfectly around the device. Simply push the mold over the device until it snaps off and leaves the screen protector flawlessly installed.

Precision Installation Every Time

The patented mold aligns the anti-shatter glass for a bubble-free installation within 0.1mm accuracy.

Lifetime Warranty Included

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Oil, Water Resistant & 9H Hardness Tempered Glass

“Not difficult at all.”

The Simple Snap Screen Protector works perfectly on my wife's brand new iPhone 6S. The snap on frame, which guides you through the installation process, is genius. I used to own an iPhone repair business and I had hundreds of people who would always ask me how to get a screen protector in place without any bubbles. I often told them it was very difficult to do and nearly impossible for someone that isn't very good at it. But with this system it is nearly fool-proof. Anybody can use this and have a perfectly applied screen protector.

Richard Online Shopper